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Give your presence; 
Laugh, dance and sing together; 
Listen from a heart space; 
Call them love names; 
Send them love letters; 
Really  love yourself; 
Allow them to love themselves; 
Ask their opinions; 
Learn from them; 
Say yes as often as possible; 
Say no when  necessary; 
Honor their nos; 
No yelling; 
Speak softly; 
Touch gently; 
Build lots of blanket forts; 
Learn about parenting;
Open up; 
Fly kites  together; 
Change your routine; 
Lighten up; 
Believe in possibilities; 
Take time  away; 
Read books out loud; 
Create a circle of quiet; 
Teach feelings; 
Remove  guilt; 
Share your dreams; 
Play hooky together; 
Walk in the rain; 
Go barefoot; 
Celebrate mistakes; 
Admit yours; 
Frame their artwork; 
Hang it on the walls; 
Stay up late together; 
Eliminate comparison; 
Delight in silliness; 
Handle with  care...
remember they have not been on earth very long; 
Protect them; 
Respect  them; 
Honor their differences; 
Cherish their innocence; 
Speak kindly; 
Go swimming a lot; 
Let them cry; 
Don't hide your tears; 
Brag about  them; 
Answer their questions; 
Let go when it's time; 
Let them come back; 
Show  compassion; 
Keep them in your hearts and in your prayers.